Thursday, July 06, 2006

Identifying the influencers

It is great to see so much attention being paid to measurement of the Internet. In many respects life was much easier before multiple niche news sites, blogs and the rest blurred the channels of communication to the point where the most accurate form of internet measurement is referred to as ‘buzz’.

This barometer of Internet activity seeks (in a semi-scientific way) to isolate and highlight the key influencers, motive and message relevant to an industry sector, organisation or brand.

Take a step back… before the Internet finding out who the key influencers were in the media was relatively simple. This is changing and with more people aged under 25 sourcing their news online, as opposed to from the traditional press (source: Carnegie Foundation, 2005) this trend will continue to the point where we could start to regard the newspapers as a non-core source of coverage.