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Evaluating the media: Heated-up over Diploma

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Heated-up over Diploma

It has become somewhat conspicuous the absence of recent entries on this blog - for which I apologise.

Of course, there are reasons for everything, and mine involves being tied-up with the project element of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Diploma. ‘Tied-up’ is quite a good way of describing it, or to be more appropriate ‘being strangled by’. Indeed, it is only 6000 words and when I chose my area of study it looked restricted enough not to get too complicated.

But then I stumbled across Jim Macnamara's and Kimberley Neuendorf‘s research on media content analysis and my innocence was lost! The thing is looking to be about half written with the next step to send out a questionnaire, which will form my primary research. When information becomes available I will update this blog with relevant findings.


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