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Evaluating the media: Blogging and the CIPR Diploma

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Blogging and the CIPR Diploma

I think the submission day for the latest CIPR Diploma CRT essays was either yesterday or today and I must admit that being featured in one of the questions has resulted in a number of phone calls and emails. I have tried to help out and direct people to the relevant sources although it now occurs that I have missed a trick by not posting comments on this blog for use by more of the students.

Having been in exactly the same situation of doing the Diploma only last year it is quite strange to be involved in it from this angle and had I been a little less busy it would have been fun to have engaged in the discussion more and to have circulated the views a little further via the blog. We learn from our mistakes and only hope it will make us better prepared next time!


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