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Evaluating the media: Chinwag takes on Measurement

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Chinwag takes on Measurement

Interesting event organised by Chinwag dealing with the measurement of social media at Internet World yesterday. There was some disagreement over metrics (whats new) and how long it would take for the standards to be formalised behind which the industry will follow. There was a degree of the suppliers using it as an opportunity to pitch their wares, which was a shame, although with standardisation comes the possibility that their 'smoke and mirrors' (and expensive) wizz-bang box of tricks will become redundant.

Measurementcamp is a new concept and has be scheduled to kick off later this month, plus there is a wiki. All good developments and should be encouraged. What disappointed was the apparent poor turnout by the traditional media evaluations companies (why isn't someone from AMEC in the panel?). If there were some please correct me.

While at the event I attended the keynote talk by Andy Hobsbrawm from Agency.Com. It was a brilliant talk about the value of brands and the transfer of ownership - quite visionary.

PS - 'Pipex, life is hell without broadband - can I have it back please'

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