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Evaluating the media: Singed by the fires of Dell

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Singed by the fires of Dell

While I don't want to '....hell' it up I thought I might elaborate on my Dell Tweet from this morning. I wanted to order a set of tonors for my 3010cn  printer so put the terms into Dell.co.uk and got 2 options...one set for £161.84 and another £192.08, (both inc VAT) both with very similar discriptions. 

So I wondered what was the difference. I have been talking with Dell technical support lately about a separate problem with this printer who have been very good, so I think I will just call up the sales people and ask them what is the difference. After a lengthy details collecting phase (we recently moved address), The sales rep was unable to say what the difference was but that I should order the more expensive one from him. He said I would not be able to place an order online for the cheaper one. I said I would try and his parting words were that I was wasting his time. Well, the order did go through and if for any reason they do not fit the printer I will certainly be commenting here.


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