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Evaluating the media: I need saving from National Savings

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Monday, November 12, 2012

I need saving from National Savings

I occasionally comment on matters outside the media and measurement and this is one of those occasions.

Midway through last week I transferred some money from my bank current account to my Premium Bonds account. At the point of 'transaction' the computer hung on the page and eventually timed out. I called National Savings (NS&I). and was told they could not confirm if it had gone through and I should log on in 24 hours to see if the funds had appeared on my account. I did so and noted the funds were still with my bank.

In the meantime I had resolved that if the transaction had not gone through I would use them for another purpose. I attempted a transfer out of my bank account, but it would not comply; then finding that although it did not indicate anywhere, the transaction to NS&I was 'happening'.

I called both the bank (Lloyds) and NS&I trying to find out what was happening, with the latter saying I would 'in 4 hours' be able to reverse the transaction from their website. That was last Thursday and currently the funds are indicated as being in me NS&I account but 'not available'. Having made a number of calls to NS&I I am under no illusion that they are going to be returned any time soon...'it takes 7days' is the latest I have been told, not 4 hours!

I have lodged a complaint over this erroneous advice and have been assured that they will be investigated. They have indicated that they will replay my conversations with NS&I staff to verify that I am talking the truth; but none of it points towards getting the money back any time soon.



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