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Evaluating the media: Updating a web presence

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Updating a web presence

Being a partner at Media Evaluation Research I get to put together the website. Over the past couple of years this has evolved from a fairly basic Dreamweaver '1.1', adapted by my wife, who did an OU course in HTML. A subsequent version was prepped by a graphic design friend, who was getting into web design.

But it was fairly basic and non browser/device specific. While doing my CIPR Continuous Personal Development at the end of last year I stumbled on some research by Google which found people were spending on average 39 minutes browsing with a PC or laptop and 47 minutes on a phone or tablet. I know we have been told that personal devices are how the browsers of tomorrow will get their information, but this was the first tangible bit of data which said more are looking now using a phone or tablet.

This motivated me to finding a way of revising the site to be phone/tablet friendly. I experimented with WIX but settled on Weebly as I liked the way you can adapt their templates and the relative ease of generating a mobile version. I also liked the way you can keep domains with an existing holder, just swapping out of the hosting package for what turned out to be very similar money.

The Weebly GUI seems pretty bullet-proof, although there have been a few crashes, logging out and in resolves that. This uses their basic package and the tool seems adaptable enough to take further additions like a slide show or video; things I would like to look at adding in the future. I would be interested in your thoughts on the new site.

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