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Evaluating the media: CIPR supports International Group

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

CIPR supports International Group

It is with considerable relief that I can report that the CIPR International Group lives on. Yesterday afternoon the Group's committee met with the CIPR its President, Tony Bradley and Director-General, Colin Farrington to establish their views on the continuation of the group. A number of committee members have expressed concerns, but in the event there was an overwhelming vote of support for the model currently adopted.

Views on the direction for the group have variously composed of becoming involved in various levels of proactive research, undertaking seminars and training events, as well as forging a pro-active set of links with PR groups with an international remit (both in the UK and overseas).

None of these activities were dismissed and a part of the meeting was dedicated to discussion on the relationship between the Group and the CIPR's own International Advisory Group. All however expressed the view that there was a necessity and a relevance to the existence and continuation of an International Group, even if the number of members was less than the average for sectoral groups. The overwhelming success of the latest event on the workings of the press office at Davos, as hosted by Swiss Re in the City of London, proved an overwhelming case for the current structure and style of events for the future. In particular it was highlighted the relevance of joint events with other sectoral and regional groups, as a way of enhancing interest across different interest groups.


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