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Evaluating the media: BT / Openreach 'half job'

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Monday, November 19, 2012

BT / Openreach 'half job'

My understanding was BT/OR was introducing fibre to cabinet  broadband to my town (Deal, Kent). This would make a massive difference to my work. Only last week I had to wait 2 hours for a client file to download. I also find that using tools like Brandwatch are somewhat ponderous with my current 1.5-2mb link.

Back in  August I got excited when my Exchange said it was accepting FTTC orders. This was quickly followed by disappointment when it became apparent that the cabinet I am connected to (P38) (below)
View Larger Map has not been upgraded to FTTC because it does not have a suitably large catchment. The cabinets up and down the road have all been enabled. I realise they have to make an economic decision but the fibre actually passes up the road past my cabinet. The neighbours I have contacted are all of the opinion that it is a short-sighted move.

I approached BT/OR and gained this reaction:

“Our deployment is based on the commercial criteria for each cabinet and number 38 on the Deal exchange has not met these. This is because the cabinet is unable to provide a return on the Fibre to the Cabinet investment after construction and on-going running costs. Where cabinets are not commercially viable Government funding is available to Borough and County councils to improve fibre coverage and it is worth contacting your Council in relation to this.”

I will continue to push BT/OR to reconsider, and with the help of my neighbours, will be taking this argument to the county council and my local MP, Charlie Elphicke. Without this facility relocation is a serious consideration.


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