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Evaluating the media: Evaluating the pitch

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Evaluating the pitch

I was talking to some non-PR people over the weekend and said what Media Evaluation Research does. At that point people usually think that we evaluate advertising campaigns but I have modified the message to include that we are researching the elements of the media between the ads.

Most seem to understand this and can appreciate that the lack of ‘control’ with editorial content warrants examination, particularly if it affects reputation. Then this morning I stumbled across an item featuring comment from Claire Spencer in the FT where she said that:

“Consumers can't divorce PR and advertising, they consume communication holistically."

Does it then mean that we should be evaluating advertising as well? This is an interesting idea although most organisations structure themselves with advertising and PR being separate.

If the public see communications as a single message then why don’t organisations bring it all together, or is that what marketing communications is all about?

My view is that there is purpose to establishing the message, from what ever source, but feel the public is able to differential when they are being pitched to. That is not to say that messages from PR and advertising can not be complimentary and co-ordinated to maximise impact.


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