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Evaluating the media: Big Brother – give us your views….

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Big Brother – give us your views….

Yesterday morning I had a call out the blue from someone at Channel 5 (UK) News asking if I would comment on ‘the Big Brother story’. My RSS feeds had not mentioned anything so in an attempt to sound in touch I blurted ‘so they have pulled the plug on them…?” Frankly, I was ill prepared and it must have shown. The understanding lady from Channel 5 News said she had looked at our corporate site and was not sure if it was our thing. (Defeated) I kinda’ agreed and said I would have a chat with some people in the PR industry and get someone to call her with a suitably informed comment.

Then last night I watched a commentator on BBC News 24 on the subject making all sorts of curious deductions on the Ofcom ruling (even suggesting at one point it was an IFA ruling); and it all got me to be thinking that I should have persisted and volunteered more forcefully. I even got to queue up some soundbites: ‘when you live by the sword, you must die by it’…..‘wasn’t this what Big Brother has been trying to engineer all these years...?’ On reflection, possibly fate dealt me a fortuitous hand.


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