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Evaluating the media: PESO: a model, a checklist or a call to learn advertising skills?

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

PESO: a model, a checklist or a call to learn advertising skills?

PESO (or paid, earned, shared and owned) has been around for a few years, originally created Gini Dietrich, it has been growing in profile. 

Last week I was watching the Twitter and Periscope feeds from the Future Comms 2015 event where there was a panel discussion on PESO and someone (Danny Whatmough, I think) said that it's not so much a model, more a checklist. 

A  checklist of what a PR needs to do to promote a campaign. This is preferable to a 'model', it allows things to be broken down. With native advertising and increasing opportunities to target advertising messages at specific audiences, it only follows that these targeting skills need to run hand-in-hand with the non-paid options. 

The old silo approach of separate disciplines is being swept away as the media platforms enable paid audience message delivery, in an arguably less intrusive manner. 

As PR takes on more channels so comparing their effectiveness is more challenging. Tools like Google Analytics can embrace different channel sources, particularly if these lead to a buy-point on an owned location. 

But PR is more than quantifying the route a buyer takes to buying. These clues help quantify audience interactions, enabling learnings on things like relationship opportunities and what content works.     

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