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Evaluating the media: Traditional media fights back

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Traditional media fights back

It seems the case with all things, but no sooner has a survey conclusively proved a point then another (in this case two days later) proves exactly the opposite. The case in hand relate to the previous posting and the increasing importance of online as a method of news collection. But now Lexis-Nexis has found that during national events people turn firstly to television, radio and the press, before online sources.

The study found that half of the respondents said they would refer to the television during news events, while 42% would refer to the radio. One quarter would refer to the Internet as a source of news and 6% would refer to blogs and other user generated news sources.

eMarketeer.com covering the report featured the comment "In the future, more than half (52%) of the consumers surveyed anticipate they will continue to mostly trust and rely on traditional news sources," Lexis-Nexis reported. "However, more than a third (35%) expect they will trust and rely on both emerging news and traditional news in the future, and more than one in ten (13%) anticipate they will trust and rely mostly on emerging media."
The report did indicate that for everyday news and entertainment stories online news sources are expected to increase in importance. For those who thought that printed newspapers would soon be replaced by their online version it is notable to consider the most recent research by Pew Research Centre for People and the Press which found that for the crucial age bracket 18-29 a firth of respondents read a printed newspaper compared to 7% who looked at the online version.

Obviously news credibility is still a factor and when there are stories of national importance the traditional media is where people will look.


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