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Evaluating the media: Being sociable online

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Being sociable online

Only in the past couple of months have I been at all serious about using social networking tools. I have a page (with only a few contacts) on Facebook which I find quite intuitive and clearly signed for use. There are a few things I find confusing although this might be because I have never been a myspace/bebo person.

But just recently this has become a rather more complicated area for PR professionals with sector specific offerings being launched by Ragan Communications and Melcrum. The thing I have been trying to find out about these sites is their real value. There is obvious value to having a community of contemporaries in the same industry as an avenue to building relationships, learning and exploring new ideas. Sure, but do these new PR focused networks deliver?

At the moment I am not sure. Could there be a feeling of networking fatigue and do people need a little time to catch-up; consider whats available and come to terms with the impact of new media on the rest of PR?

My aim is to try and find out - to investigate how they can help those in PR. I will report back soon.


Anonymous Robin Crumby said...

Hi Michael,

You're right. There is already a lot of choice for communicators for where they go to network online.

The Communicators' Network approach is slightly different. It's not just a social network, its real purpose is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, know-how and expertise between communicators.

We are just launching the functionality that will allow communicators to rate and review third party resources, such as books, blogs, podcasts, training and website. So the site will develop into a directory of knowledge for the communication industry.

What you see today is just the beginning, so things are just getting interesting.

Thanks for your feedback and for highlighting the site to your readers.


9:14 pm

Blogger michael said...


Thank you for your comment. I think there is a genuine application for this sort of vehicle for the exchange of ideas and I am sure in time will develop in ways none of could anticipate.

Would this replace the CIPR and the like? - doubt it as they are a different sort of exchange. I hope I did not come across as a pessimist but with things changing so fast its easy to miss the potential.


9:10 am

Anonymous Robin Crumby said...

I don't think the CommsNetwork will 'replace' other offlink networking groups like CIPR or IABC. In fact, quite the opposite.

It offers these groups a set of free online tools to enable closer collaboration and sharing of best-practice and ideas between members.

It also allows members to self-organise themselves around special interests, organizations, industries or regions.

So if anything, I would say it enhances, rather than replaces, offline networking groups.


10:00 am


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