Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Being sociable online

Only in the past couple of months have I been at all serious about using social networking tools. I have a page (with only a few contacts) on Facebook which I find quite intuitive and clearly signed for use. There are a few things I find confusing although this might be because I have never been a myspace/bebo person.

But just recently this has become a rather more complicated area for PR professionals with sector specific offerings being launched by Ragan Communications and Melcrum. The thing I have been trying to find out about these sites is their real value. There is obvious value to having a community of contemporaries in the same industry as an avenue to building relationships, learning and exploring new ideas. Sure, but do these new PR focused networks deliver?

At the moment I am not sure. Could there be a feeling of networking fatigue and do people need a little time to catch-up; consider whats available and come to terms with the impact of new media on the rest of PR?

My aim is to try and find out - to investigate how they can help those in PR. I will report back soon.