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Evaluating the media: Lessons in two-way communications

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Lessons in two-way communications

last Friday proved an interesting day for the communications industry. Television grandee Lord Grade, who is in charge at ITV spoke about the need for all in the media to think carefully about the implications for their actions. He was talking following the mistakenly edited trailer for the BBC programme about the queen which infered she had walked out of a royal photo shoot.

Grade's angle was that the media needed to be more carefully with instuments at their disposal - to communicate clearly and truthfully. He was a pains when featured on BBC Radio 4 'Today Programme' to say that cutting corners will not do and that you do not decieve the audience. This rather neatly dove-tailed into an article written by the DG of the CIPR, Colin Farrington for the latest edition of their house publication 'Profile'. The subject matter was the importance of two-way communications in the PR function, and the utter rejection of the media push/propoganda model.

Colin's article was excellent in its clarity of the problem at large and the ways it can be addressed. An excellent read which unfortunately I can't find featured online, so no link.


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