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Evaluating the media: Many thanks for the help chaps

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Many thanks for the help chaps

I am always surprised by the use the blogosphere can be connecting with people and my case in point was in response for a 'quick and dirty' set of media figures for a number of territories including Canada. I tried the normal candidates who were not very co-operative but then I remembered seeing frequent blog comments and references to Alan Chumley, now the Research Director of Hill & Knowlton in Canada, but used to be with Cormex Research. Between him and Andrew over at Cormex they really helped me in a big way and I am really very appreciative.

If I could send an award to the most helpful people I have ever worked with this chaps would be up there! Absolute stars. Thanks again.


Anonymous Alan Chumley said...

"...the most helpful people I've ever worked with?" Wow, if only my mom could see that!

Thanks, Michael. Happy to help.

8:42 pm


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