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Evaluating the media: Interesting analysis of Canadian research

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Interesting analysis of Canadian research

Alan Chumley, the Research Director for Hill & Knowlton in Canada has submitted an analysis of the Canadian media research industry. He makes a number of good points, the highlights of which to me were:

- As a progression from the Macnamara's Output / Out-take / Outcomes model the additional inclusion of 'Outgrowth' measure in response to an attempt to closer tie cause and effect. I see real value in focusing effort on the resulting impact of process as a way of better illustrating PR effort.

- He also spoke about the selection of branded packages available from research suppliers. He makes the point that if all medium/large organisations were the same then they would all need the same style or research. As they are not trying to fit needs to designated product styles is not helpful.

Super article, Alan.


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