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Evaluating the media: Rosters rumblings

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Rosters rumblings

It is a perenial problems for relatively new specialist research agencies like the one I work for as to whether we ought really go all out to get onto the public sector roster of providers lead by the COI (Central Office of Information). The media evaluation listing was up for review late last year, I think, and I must admit to not even looking at the initial pitch documents, but last weeks PR Week has given me heart and allowed me to live with myself a little longer by indicating that the list is only considered in a quarter of appointments.

This will not go away however and having completed the pitch process a number of years ago, I can honestly comment that the process is onerous, and in the case of the agency I worked for at the time, unsuccessful. Its up for review again in 2010 so you never know!


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