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Evaluating the media: March 2007

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Broadband figures for UK

Dramatic news on broadband adoption for the UK. eMarketeer has found that the UK's take up of broadband services is picking up speed and the number of households taking the service is only narrowly behind Germany and France in Europe. Importantly as a percentage of the number of households the UK is way ahead of its European contemporaries and is fourth in the world behind South Korea, Canada and Japan.

eMarketeer say that this has largely be achieved by a virtuous combination of strong consumer purchasing power and reducing charges. The study indicates that the younger generations take 'always on' connection for granted and regard it as a virtual playground. For the rest of us, it is for making purchases, collecting information and doing work. All generations are partaking with one in four internet users being over 50.

What does the future hold. Projection are within four years broadband penetration will have reached 76.8% (20 million)of homes. Can there be a more candid sets of results to anyone in PR needing convincing about the importance of online sources.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Help wanted - sure fire way to make a million....!

I am looking for someone to help me with a massive business oportunity just waiting for someone to get the right product in front of the PR community(and others!). All you got to do is come up with a way of monitoring YouTube and the like...

In effect you will have to perfect a voice recognition system encapsulating multiple dialogue and dialect as well as having a method of recognising visuals. This could range from partically audable comment through to mostly clear visuals.

In our lifetime I doubt it will happen and I appologise for the rather cute way of introducing an increasingly pressing challenge to PR analysis sector. You might think there are voice recognition systems available but these have been proved to be unreliable by among others PR Week. The traditional way of approaching it has been to ignor it, but that seems risky.

Take an example of someone who puts together a daily weblog diary. What about if he or she works for a London based removals firm and happens to mention in passing that a load of trucks have been booked to help with a move at Downing Street in July. Among the hundreds and thousands of video postings it would go unwatched and although being in the public domain, it never gets noticed.

I am sure that our inability to effectivley monitor this increasinglty important form of media is resulting in many stories being missed, although tracking through a non-human method seems to be a chimera.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Navigating the blogging maze

Its a fact that with blogs expanding at the rate they are you can just about find any sort of comment about anything. Often a rant, others well balance reasoning but all accessible - all you got to do is spend the time finding it.

And that is the problem - many are only read by the writer (like this...?). PR can't spend every minute collecting and answering every comment. I decision has to be made on significance. It is under recognised at present but a soon to be valuable skill will be isolating your key online opinion formers. You might think you know who they are but its a fast moving world out there and it has never been more important to sample your customer/stakeholders about who they listen to.

PR Week did an interesting item on this recently but as is often the case seemed to just state the obvious without actually digging into what was working for people and why.