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Evaluating the media: December 2008

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Friday, December 19, 2008

When things turn down should we take to the water?

One of the benefits of Media Evaluation Research being based where it is are the pleasant sea views from the office. Over the last few days there has be a succession of rather impressive speed boats and gin palaces heading up towards the North Sea and we wondered if they are going up to the London Boat Show which starts early next month?

Either way, it is an interesting indication that there are still people with the money to spend on these things. Obviously the bankers have not been hit that badly! While the day job involves finding ways to measure the media I am continually amazed at the selection of meaningful measures out there pointing towards the truth. At the moment a good indication of the downturn are the relative absence of cranes from the city horizon, or the fewer number of recently registered cars.

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Measuring New Media

I recently did a talk for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Strategy Conference on measurement. The PowerPoint slides are available via in the previous post. The brief for the talk was fairly broad and so as well as talking about the range of strategies and tactics for measuring traditional media, I went into some detail on measuring new media.

Although I hope the slides are of interest I thought they needed a little explanation and while I was writing up some explanatory notes I became side tracked and before I knew it had blossomed into a 1700 word mini-White Paper. If you are interested in taking a look this is the link to the paper.

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