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Evaluating the media: February 2008

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Egging on another PR disaster

In recent weeks there have been a few candidates for the recent PR disaster award. There was Ryanair and their salacious school girl ad and the Qtrax music download service which never was.

These were all completely eclipsed by the news yesterday that Egg, the credit card people cancelled 130,000 odd accounts due to their enhanced risk, however the overwhelming feedback from the cancelled account holders was that Egg made no money out of them because they paid off their balance each month.

From what I have seen I can’t see much upside on this one. Surely, anyone looking for an example for an organisation with masochistic tendencies should look no further!

On the one level its an organisation rejecting its customers and on a more sinister level utter corporate hypocrisy, from one of the worlds biggest banks (Citigroup) at a time when they need all the friends they can get!

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