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Evaluating the media: April 2008

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

A period of information poverty

There are periods when we must go without but after a week without broadband I am finding it hard. We moved last week and Pipex Homecall assured my over the phone on two occasions leading up to the move that all services would be transferred on the day of the move. Wish-full thinking and having almost exploded when told it will 10-14 days I now, after many regular and unanswered calls, I have been told it could be up to 34 days.

I have a lecture to prepare for the CIPR in 2 weeks and there really is only one place to go and find out about the measurement of social media. While this might be a slightly cathartic experience, I now realise the nature of social exclusion and differs little from a story in the media in yesterday media about power companies reserving the best rates for those with bank accounts and where-with-all to research the options online.

You will know when I am up and running when I start posting more frequently!